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Why Helsinki takes the crown as Scandinavia’s food capital

Yeah, you read that right – Helsinki, people! So roll over Copenhagen, and tell Stockholm the news – the Finnish capital has seemingly come from nowhere to become the hottest place for food lovers in Scandinavia. Before the inevitable barrage of indignant responses rains down upon Grown-up Travel Guide Towers from supporters of the other [...]

What You Need to Know About Customs & Cuisine in Dubai

Dubai forms part of the United Arab Emirates, and is a predominantly Muslim country. As such, it is very important to check the rules and guidelines when visiting. Photo credit: M.A.J Photography via photopin cc Dubai Tourism There’s no doubt about it: as the hub for business, wealth and technology, Dubai brings in plenty of [...]

Great British Pubs – The Wiremill, near Lingfield, England

You may remember that a while back I extolled the many virtues of my favourite hotel in the south of England, the Felbridge Hotel & Spa… Well I remember that you liked it, yes. That’s what you mean, right? It certainly is. You may also recall that as well as the facilities and service offered [...]

Drinking in the view – The OXO Tower Bar, London, England

Regular readers may have noticed that the sheer number of trips taken in recent months has slowed the pace of publication of new content – but fear not, for today it’s time to launch a new feature series on Grown-up Travel Guide! I assume by the godawful pun in the title that we’re talking bars [...]

6 of the best…pubs and bars in London

Despite reports of the huge number of pubs closing each week in the UK (which has now thankfully slowed) there are still – literally – thousands of boozers still going strong in London. Choosing six of them may seem like a bonkers proposition but we’re not ones to shy away from a challenge. These places [...]