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6 of the best…day trips from Copenhagen, Denmark

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As we’ve said before, the Danish capital has a wealth of attractions for visitors and it’s unlikely you’ll find yourself looking for more during a long weekend. But if you’re staying longer, have ticked off our list of more unusual sights in Copenhagen, exhausted the Danish craft beer scene (yeah, right!) and explored all the […]

Been there, haven’t done that – 5 things you shouldn’t miss in Melbourne

This is a guest post by Alex Winter with additional material by Andy Higgs Continuing our mission to inspire and inform Grown-up Travellers we present the latest in our series of articles containing ideas for alternative things to do and see in well-known destinations. So far we’ve shared our tips on London, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Berlin. Then we featured Oslo, Paris, Amsterdam, Chicago and Istanbul. We […]

Drinking in the view – The OXO Tower Bar, London, England


Regular readers may have noticed that the sheer number of trips taken in recent months has slowed the pace of publication of new content – but fear not, for today it’s time to launch a new feature series on Grown-up Travel Guide! I assume by the godawful pun in the title that we’re talking bars […]

Not to be missed – what to see and do in St. Petersburg, Russia

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In response to numerous appeals from first-time visitors to various destinations we’ve caved in to the pressure and decided to publish a series of articles highlighting the popular sights actually worth your time in a given city. The tourist traps, you mean? Well, yes and no. Many of the places we cover will be the […]