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Adventurous tips for a trip to Portugal

Portugal is one of our favourite countries in Europe. It boasts magnificent landscapes and many centuries of history. Picturesquely stretching along the western part of the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal offers numerous activities and attractions to its visitors. For the cheapest way to get there, make sure you check out a brand-new start-up called Tripscan. Rather […]

Next trip details: Germany – what’s the wurst that can happen?

Photo credit: Hanse Sail 2013 via photopin (license) Ouch. I know, I’m sorry about the title but sometimes the cheesiest of puns are also the most irresistible. Right, you’re probably wondering whether this means that I am going to be travelling round Germany eating sausages for a week, and rather amazingly you’d be right. This […]

Say Cheese in Melbourne!

Photo credit: Eureka! via photopin (license) Known as the cultural capital of Australia, Melbourne is an exceptional city with a plethora of iconic attractions and experiences. It will be difficult for the photographer in you to avoid taking out your camera and capture the interesting sites that come along the way. Moreover, Australians top the […]