3 Careers Fit for the Travel Enthusiast

When author Hans Christian Andersen wrote, “To travel is to live,” he referred to a certain kind of person. Someone who packs light and travels far, an adventurous rolling stone on which no moss grows — those who feels most alive while traveling.

But since the 9 to 5 world is not conducive to the vagabond spirit, and because a girl’s still gotta pay the bills, continental trekkers have gotten creative in how they do that which makes them feel most alive while also maintaining their livelihood.

In other words, there are ways to take your career on the road with you. For those wayward at heart in need of work, here is a list of the best jobs one can work from anywhere. 

Flight Attendant

Perhaps a natural career for one who loves to travel is that of a flight attendant. Not a job for the faint at heart, these men and women work at 35,000 feet in the air. Though individual airlines have different requirements for becoming an attendant, the most necessary traits are physical — you have to be tall enough to manage the overhead bins and fit enough to spend most of your shift on your feet.

CPR training, foreign language proficiencies, and experience in the service industry are also desired qualities of a flight attendant. Though the job can require working unusual shifts, difficult passengers, and possible jetlag, the advantages involve meeting different and exciting people from across the globe as well as discounted or free flights for yourself and guests to destinations most people will never have the opportunity to see.

Direct Sales

Who wouldn’t want to manage their own business? Men and women who enjoy having freedom enough to be able to pick up, take off, and work from the road on a whim are able to do so by selling for companies like Amway. Individuals who make money with Amway can work as much or as little as they’d like while setting their own hours and being their own bosses.

Amway Independent Business Owners earn by selling necessary products to customers while running their own business. They can also earn money, bonuses, and rewards by selling exclusive products such as energy drinks, sports nutrition, and workout supplements, vitamins and supplements, skincare and cosmetics, and home care. Since flexible work like this doesn’t require an office and desk it can be done from anywhere.

This kind of occupation is not suitable for the lazy, though. It requires dedication and drive, but being able to work how you want, as much as you want and from where you want makes it worthwhile to many individuals.

Teach Online

For those who possess a wanderlust heart yet seek a stable and fulfilling occupation, teaching online is a perfect match. Native English speakers with an understanding of basic teaching principles and who possess a Bachelor’s Degree in any field can find their calling from anywhere in the world as long as they’ve got an internet connection.

Some employing companies require their applicants to have a TESOL or CELTA credential, which requires additional schooling, so before you apply, be sure to find out the requirements. If you want to become an ESL teacher for students in China, you can do so without even leaving your home. The only requirements are a small teaching space where you can demonstrate; the employing company will then provide you with all the lesson plans and the students. Pay is dependent on the number of classes you teach. It’s not for everyone, but it is a great gig for those nomads who are patient and enjoy working with children.

The famous Danish writer may have been talking to only a select few when he defined living so simply; travelers are a unique breed indeed. Satiating that need for roaming while managing to hold down a job is no easy feat.  The wandering soul that still wants to work should look to these occupations while on the move.

Andy Higgs
Andy Higgs

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