3 Incredible Places To Go On Holiday In 2016

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The new year is fast approaching, so it’s important to start thinking about where you want your holiday to be this year! There are always tons of countries that you’d love to visit – it’s such a struggle to decide. However, here are the most incredible places to go on holiday in 2016.


Peru is absolutely sensational! Especially in the summer. Situated on the West Coast of South America, it is a long, long way away but definitely worth the cost of flights. It will be scorching at that time of year, so remember your sun cream, too!

If you have no idea where to start, fear not. There are a ton of tailor-made holidays to Peru in 2016. You could experience the incredible Amazon rainforest if you’re very fond of nature. It covers an astounding 60% of the country’s land. Or, maybe take in the ancient sights at the Inca city of Machu Picchu. It’s quite simply something you will never, ever forget.

If neither of those tickle your fancy, then why not visit the floating islands of Lake Titicaca? Peru is simply astonishing. Give it a go!




If you love French culture, and you’re a big football fan, then France is definitely the place for you this summer.  The European Championships are commencing in June and running all the way through until July. So, they’ll be plenty of atmosphere in France’s major towns and cities.

If you’re after that carnival vibrancy, then be sure to book your tickets quickly. They’ll skyrocket following the draw for the Group Stage of the tournament. France has some gorgeous beaches, incredible seaside towns and arguably some of the best cuisine in Europe.

You’ll never have trouble falling in love with Paris or Marseille, two of France’s most wonderful cities. If you want to escape from all the football madness for a few days of your holiday, there is also neighbouring Belgium, Italy and Spain to explore, too.



Iceland is an option for those early winter months of 2016 – so get booking, fast! Flights aren’t too expensive there, either. The obvious starting point is to explore the capital city of Reykjavik, which is very impressive. Hunting for the Northern Lights is also incredible. Some hotels promise a view of them and provide outdoor hot tubs for you to see the lights from. How incredible does that sound?

Snowmobiling on glaciers also looks awesome! If you’re into your motorsports, then this could well be up your street. Finally, however, is the most sensational part of Iceland, the Blue Lagoon. You can sip on champagne as you indulge in a natural spa pool that is gorgeous in any weather condition, sun, snow or rain. It’s a very luxurious experience, especially if you opt for the most expensive package.

Iceland is a great winter escape. So, it’s worth considering if you can’t wait until summer to get on a plane out of here!

Hopefully, these three amazing places have inspired you to at least get looking at holidays. You’re bound to enjoy Peru, France or Iceland, and each one will suit an individual more than another. If you’re lucky enough, why not explore all three in 2016?

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