3 Types of Liquor to Enjoy This Summer

So you are trying to have a good time, but you’re not sure what liquor will make your summer’s night a little more exciting, then here are three types of liquor that you may want to take a closer look at!

1.   Vodka

Choosing the right vodka for summer can be quite a hard decision, but when done correctly, your night can be filled with some memories you won’t forget.

You will be surprised to find out that vodka pairs great with certain foods, with some being caviar, salmon, and cucumbers. Any type of vodka pairs great with low-calorie foods, and when wine doesn’t cut it, you can always count on vodka to make sure you have a good night.

Summer brings bikini season, and with bikini season brings the clash between a good time and staying fit. This can be achieved by enjoying some of your favorite vodka. Vodka doesn’t pack on the calories like your favorite beer and will surely deliver a much higher potency of alcohol per volume, so make sure you are extra careful when you indulge in a few extra vodka cranberries. A good liquor store in Savannah, GA, will offer all the types of vodka you are seeking.

2.   Rum

Summer brings times for rum, and with rum can come many different flavor profiles for the occasion at hand.

Drinking rum in summer is similar to whiskey, with a splash of water or over ice. Coconut rum can be paired perfectly with some jerk chicken and coleslaw, which will make your evening complete. Rum is versatile, and you may find yourself just munching on some of your leftover snacks as they can pair great with your rum.

Enjoying rum on a summer’s evening will surely be a great way to end your night on a high note. Sit back, relax and let the oldest spirit in the world guide you through your night effortlessly.

3.   Tequila

If you want to enjoy a nice liquor for summer, then you definitely shouldn’t miss tequila. Either shots or mixed with some grapefruit, tequila will surely make you feel quite wonderful at the end of your night.

Looking for some food to pair with your tequila? Well then you should try tacos, sushi, or grilled seafood or prawn. Typically, you would want to pair these foods with white or silver tequila, as it will offer the flavor profile that will match up perfectly. Regardless, tequila is versatile and can be eaten with a wide variety of food, so make your summer eventful and grab some tequila and seafood for a night you won’t forget.

Whatever tequila you choose and how you choose to enjoy is entirely up to you. And always remember… drink responsibly.

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Andy Higgs

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