3 Ways to Advance Your Professional Life While on the Move

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Living life on the road can be an incredible and ongoing adventure if you have the right temperament for it. Seeing new sights and encounter new people on a regular basis, with the sense that something fresh and exciting is just there over the next horizon, is the kind of thing that more than a few poets have written about while lovingly reflecting on the sensation of wanderlust.

Of course, if you have a job that’s currently got you on the road more or less constantly, or if you have to stay on the move for other reasons — such as supporting a partner whose job keeps them on the move — it can be difficult to come up with, and apply, effective strategies for advancing your professional life at the same time.

Running a side hustle, creating a side hustle, or re-training, are all, for example, likely to seem a bit tricky from the road. For the sake of helping you to enjoy your travels, while simultaneously advancing your career, here are a few suggestions.

Consider pursuing a degree or qualification online

In recent times, correspondence course could be pretty unwieldy things to manage. Now, in the age of super-fast internet, with huge swathes of the entire globe being connected through Wifi hubs, 3G and satellite connections, earning a degree on the go is a practical possibility for a huge number of people.

To pursue an online leadership degree, all you need is to be accepted for enrolment, to have your own (reliable) computer, and relatively predictable access to the internet.

From there, you can generally work as and when it suits you, just so long as you turn your assignments in on time, and have a new degree waiting for you on your return home.

Have a clear sense of the specific direction you want to improve in, and bring appropriate tools with you on the road

When you’re constantly travelling — and especially if you’re also working from the road — it almost goes without saying that you’re not going to have a whole lot of free time at your disposal.

Often, when people are seeking to develop their careers — and especially when they’re focusing on entrepreneurial ventures, establishing side hustles, and so on — they like to experiment with as many different notions as possible, and “keep a lot of irons in the fire” so to speak.

On the road, you need to be a lot more focused than that. Get clear in your own mind what specific direction you want to improve in, and then bring the appropriate tools with you on the road, whether those include a notebook and laptop, or an encyclopedic tome on Biochemistry.

Master the quiet hours of the morning — discipline yourself to work when your creativity is highest, and distractions are lowest

If you want to find extra time in your day in which to be productive, it’s almost always your best bet to wake up earlier and discipline yourself to work first thing in the morning.

As a general rule, your creativity will be highest at this time, few if any people will be awake to make demands on your attention, businesses aren’t open, and the day is still stretched before you in all its potential.

If you’re working to improve your professional situation while on the go, your days will likely be extra chaotic. Thus, for you, mastering the quiet hours of the morning is likely to be even more important.

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Andy Higgs

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