Airports, Bus Terminals and Train Stations: Careers for People Who Love to Travel


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Some of seem to be borne with an in-built nomadic gene that we have to satisfy on a regular basis, with regular travel plans and adventures.

In much the same way that the people at someone like Klein Lawyers feel like they have the perfect job, by helping others in need of legal assistance, perhaps you might be able to find a job that allows you to combine your love of travel with a good career.

Make the most of your teaching skills

A career in education can be fulfilling as well as rewarding, but if you want to combine teaching with travel, there are plenty of opportunities for English teachers abroad.

There is a consistently high demand for English teachers abroad, and a wide variety of different locations to choose from. This mean that you can commit to take a teaching contract for a year or so, and enjoy teaching foreign students while immersing yourself in the local culture, which should satisfy your travel needs.

Life on the ocean waves

There is one aspect of travel that has grown substantially over the last few years and is showing no signs of slowing down, so if you fancy a life on the ocean waves, a job in the cruise ship industry might be a good fit.

You could argue that working on a cruise ship is a bit of dream job in some respects if you enjoy waking up in a different place every morning.

Working on a cruise ship in some capacity, will allow you to make a living while traveling the world, plus you get to enjoy free food and accommodation.

A problem-solver who travels

If you have an engineering background or suitable qualifications, you might want to consider becoming a field service engineer with a global company.

You might not immediately think that this is a job which offers plenty of travel opportunities, but the job of a field service engineer is to take on the role traveling customer service representative.

This means that you could be despatched to various destinations around the globe at a moments notice, allowing you to combine extensive travel with a rewarding career.

Don’t ignore the obvious

If you love travel, the most obvious travel-related career would be a flight attendant.

It is worth mentioning this as a viable option because you don’t need a specialized degree in order to become a flight attendant, which means that this is a line of work that is reasonably accessible

If you have a customer service background and can obtain a certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration, you could open up a world of travel. Admittedly, the hours can be long and there are times when you only get brief glimpses of some of your destinations, but the discounted flights could at least make it affordable to travel in your leisure time, for less money.

There are many destinations and many ways to travel, so if you have the travel bug, maybe you might be able to find a job that pays you to do something you love.

Amelia Armstrong is a student who is travelling the world on her gap year. She knows she has the travel bug and is going to struggle back into ‘normal life’ when she returns, she’s pondering simply never returning!

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