Amazing Stag Destinations For Grown Ups

The phrase ‘stag party’ will do one of two things to you. Either your eyes light up at the prospect of debauchery, or you will sigh a little and, perhaps, feel a bit queasy. This article is, most definitely, geared towards people who fall into the latter category.

If you are looking for something a little more mature than a trawl around the seedier parts of Amsterdam, then read on. We have brought together five great destinations for the more grown up stag party. Check them out, and let us know what you think!



The country cottage

As we get older and pick up more responsibilities, it becomes less appealing to chuck a couple of grand on a weekend away in Europe. Especially as we might not be interested in the traditional stag activities. So, why not take it a little easier on your body – and your wallet – by keeping things at home. The traditional countryside cottage is a very good idea. Just go self-catering, load up on food and drink, and entertain yourselves for the weekend. Get enough of you together and you could end up with something very luxurious for less than a week’s tube pass.

Across the pond

No, not the Atlantic pond – we’re talking about the Irish Sea. Ireland is the perfect spot for the more mature stag party. It has fantastic countryside, is great for outdoor activities, and you can dip your toes into a wilder nightlife should you need to. Before, of course, fleeing home early when you realise you aren’t quite up to anymore. Head over to for some excellent examples of the activities you can get involved with.

The Catalan coast

Love biking? If so, you would be hard pressed to find somewhere better for a cycling trip than the Catalan coast. You will take in just about everything great about this marvellous area in Spain. That could include spectacular scenery, ye olde worlde buildings, and sunny, sandy beaches. We recommend bringing some tents and finding some pitches as you stop off. But, there are plenty of hostel and hotel options for the less hardy amongst you.

Ibizan summer

Ibiza – like many of the Balearic Islands – gets an awful press. You would think from reading the papers that it is a nightmarish place, full of scallies and boisterous youths. Yes, there are people there that enjoy cutting loose a lot more than you care to these days. But, they are really only restricted to one small area. The rest of the island is beautiful – and a perfect spot for relaxation or activities. You’ll also be able to head out to some great clubs while avoiding the throngs of San Antonio.

A week on a yacht

If there’s a big group of you, then why not think about hiring yourself a luxury yacht? Yes, it will cost you a pretty penny or two, especially if you go abroad to warmer climes. But, a group of ten or so of you should be able to get flights and yacht hire for around £1500-2000 per head. And for that price, you can expect a few extras thrown in.

Any of those tickle your fancy? If not – let us know your suggestions!

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Andy Higgs

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