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First impressions – a Canadian in San Francisco


Here’s the second part of our new (or rather re-booted) series after the first article on an Englishman in New York for the first time.  A number of different authors tell us how it went the first time they visited a city or town. Did it live up to their expectations? Were there any big […]

India – a land for the adventurous


Photo credit: Konkan Railway train ride in Maharashtra via photopin (license) India has been described as an incredible country and truly lives up to its reputation. From the lofty peaks of the Himalayas in the north to its southernmost tip Indira Point in the Andaman Sea, it is a spectacular landscape steeped in thousands […]

How to Become a Travel Photographer: 5 Simple Tips


The Photography Industry has changed greatly in the past decade. Smartphones, mobile devices, and tablets have affected the photography world. Thousands of social network profiles are now filled with photos from every corner of the Earth. You may just draw from the Internet every picture you want. Due to this, it may seem there is […]

8 Ways to Earn a Living While Traveling Abroad


Nowadays people are interested in traveling all over the world while watching their bank account grow every month. What can be better than waking up in a new city, country, or even continent? It appears that staying at home and working a “stable” career doesn’t necessarily make the most sense. In our present times, every […]

Traveling for Students: The Key Considerations


If one day somebody asks you about your student life what will you answer? Lectures, lecturers, essays, research works, home tasks, exams… It seems REALLY boring, doesn’t it? Time passes quickly and it is essential to fill your young student life with the most unforgettable moments. The brightest memories after finishing educational institutions consist of […]