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Airports, Bus Terminals and Train Stations: Careers for People Who Love to Travel


Photo credit: A pilot? How about eight!? via photopin (license) Some of seem to be borne with an in-built nomadic gene that we have to satisfy on a regular basis, with regular travel plans and adventures. In much the same way that the people at someone like Klein Lawyers feel like they have the perfect […]

Three Amazing Bucket List Experiences around South Africa


Photo credit: Dietmar Temps via photopin cc I have always heard about the amazing landscapes, exotic wildlife and breathtaking paradise-like beaches that the beautiful land of South Africa had to offer, but it is only once you actually experience the beauty first hand, that it becomes apparent how awe-inspiring this country truly is. It is […]

Tourist Trap: Accident Awareness Tips for World Wanderers


Photo credit: Lasa And Kartaba From Laklouk, Lebanon via photopin (license) Travellers who are planning on visiting some exotic locations for a holiday, are understandably fearful of the prospect of picking up a tropical disease, but statistics show that the risk of being killed on a foreign road is actually way higher, for example. Personal […]

Weddings for a New Generation – Interesting Places to Tie the Knot


Although many couples still long for the traditional church wedding, more and more Millennials are looking for interesting places to tie the knot. Fewer and fewer weddings are being held in their hometown as young people look for a bit of excitement and traditional values have changed in this global society. Today’s wedding party is […]