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Weddings for a New Generation – Interesting Places to Tie the Knot


Although many couples still long for the traditional church wedding, more and more Millennials are looking for interesting places to tie the knot. Fewer and fewer weddings are being held in their hometown as young people look for a bit of excitement and traditional values have changed in this global society. Today’s wedding party is […]

Portugal’s first dog beach?


Photo credit: PC025446a via photopin (license) A southern European country bordering Spain and the Antarctic Ocean, Portugal is a great place to live and visit, with people across the globe bagging luxurious holiday homes, via the likes of It really is a sensationally beautiful part of the world and if you’re an animal lover […]

Say Cheese in Melbourne!


Photo credit: Eureka! via photopin (license) Known as the cultural capital of Australia, Melbourne is an exceptional city with a plethora of iconic attractions and experiences. It will be difficult for the photographer in you to avoid taking out your camera and capture the interesting sites that come along the way. Moreover, Australians top the […]

Plan Your Trip in the Riviera Maya


Photo credit: Morning Twilight – Playa del Carmen, Mexico – August 15, 2014 via photopin (license) The Riviera Maya is a unique and marvelous spot on Earth and perfect for your vacation getaway. It has some of the world’s best beaches with white fluffy sand and beautiful blue water that perfectly reflects the clear blue […]