How to Brand Your Resort with 3 Proven Strategies


Booking a hotel used to be just a routine part of travel planning, especially for those who took occasional leisure trips. But with more and more millennials including travel as part of their lifestyle, hotels are now a crucial piece of their overall travel experience. When it comes to what makes or breaks a hotel, the demands of this new generation of travelers can cover everything from what kind of amenities your hotel offers to whether your hotel’s decor is Instagram picture-perfect.

You may be well-versed in all the latest (ever-changing) millennial top favorites, but is your hotel capable of reacting fast enough to the constant tidal wave of new trends? It’s time to apply a lean mindset to your hotel business and brand your resort with these three proven strategies.

1. Hire a Reputable Hotel Management Company

Branding your resort takes business expertise, local knowledge, and, one of the most valuable assets of all, time. A strong brand can influence direct bookings and allow you to retain on-brand image control and personal communication with your guest — two key aspects that translate to an improved guest experience, and are particularly valued by millennial travelers. Relying on an online travel agency to put heads in beds might seem like an easier solution but it can sacrifice these values. Losing brand identity all for a corner-cutting solution is a risk a hotelier should never take.

Bellstar Hotels & Resorts offers industry leading multi-channel marketing services specializing in independent hotels and resorts. Not only will Bellstar work to brand your resort through multiple channels, it will help you build an image that is both loyal to your hotel’s core values and ticks all boxes on millennial travelers’ checklists.

2. Raise Brand Awareness Through Storytelling

Millennial travelers like to connect with their destination. Your resort might not be their first contact, but it can certainly be one of the most memorable. Show and tell your brand’s story beyond the marketing plan. What makes your resort unique should be on every corner and every detail, from your logo to your staff. And of course, carefully curate those pics for Instagram.

3. Become Part of the Travel Experience

Whether it’s contributing to the local economy or choosing eco-friendly accommodation, the millennial traveler puts thought into every travel decision they make.

Brand your resort as one that is in tune with their focus in traveling with a purpose and make sure you are an essential part of their travel experience. Millennials are well-informed, always-connected travelers who are one click away from sharing their experience in real time.

Acting fast doesn’t mean rushing. Digital marketing trends can change overnight. What makes your brand relevant today might be what takes it down tomorrow. But there is no reason for alarm, just the need to be strategic:

  • Hire a reputable hotel management company that understands the market, the constant shifts in digital marketing trends and that quickly adapts to new scenarios without losing sight of your brand’s core values
  • Build a brand by harnessing the power of storytelling
  • Focus your attention on details and meticulously plan your hotel’s operations to be part of an authentic and impactful travel experience
Andy Higgs
Andy Higgs

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