Where can you use your E-cigarette? A guide to global regulations and restrictions


For many, the memory of your summer holiday is fading fast. However, you may be planning to jet off to enjoy some winter sun or be in the process of planning your next summer getaway.

With airlines enticing holiday makers with discounts aplenty, there has never been a better time to jet off, but what do the new laws and regulations mean for vaping abroad? If you are planning to travel with your e-cigarette or e-liquid in the near future, you’ll need to know where in the world you can and can’t vape.

Regulations vary from country to country, so if you don’t want to be hit with a hefty fine or worse, read on to discover where you can and cannot safely use your e-cigarette.

Visiting Europe

In Europe, while there are many countries that regulate the use of e-cigarettes, bans are few and far between. If you plan on taking your vape kit into Europe, there are a few rules to follow depending where you have set your sights on visiting. As of May 2017, the laws surrounding vaping have changed and e-cigarettes are now officially classed as a tobacco related product.

As a guideline, vaping is acceptable in all of the places that permit smoking, with the exception of Lithuania where there is currently a vaping ban. In Croatia and Portugal, vaping is forbidden in public places, but as long as you use your e-cigarette outdoors in a respectable manner you should encounter no problems.

In some cases, restrictions have been placed on the quantities of nicotine allowed and if you are travelling to Belgium or Finland, it is advisable to read up on this. Currently, you can purchase e-cigarettes in Belgium but the cartridges are limited to 2 ml of liquid and 20 mg of nicotine.

The restrictions in Finland are stricter and you won’t be able to purchase cartridges for your e-cigarette, so be sure to buy them before you visit. You can only take cartridges with less than 10 mg of nicotine into the country. The regulations are more relaxed in Ireland and you are free to buy and smoke e-cigarettes anywhere excluding public transport.

Vaping in Africa

Vaping is especially popular in South Africa but the rules are more hazy. E-liquids that contain nicotine have been banned here but vaporisers haven’t which has lead to an ever growing e-liquid black market. This means that while bans are in place, e-cigarettes are still in circulation. In Egypt, it is illegal to buy e-cigarettes but you can use your own device freely.

E-cigarettes in Asia

Vaping in Asia is trickier than most other destinations. In some places, e-cigarettes are illegal while in some there are quantity restrictions. In Thailand for example, vaping is banned and if you are caught in the possession of an e-cigarette you could even be punished with a stint behind bars.

There are also reported e-cigarette bans in Brunei, Cambodia, Jordan, Singapore and Indonesia.

Hong Kong is another destination which forbids the use of e-cigarettes with high fines and prison time should you be found in possession of an e-cig. The views on vaping are generally more relaxed in China and Japan with no strict rules in place but it is always wise to check before you travel.

Vaping Rules in Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand are both vape friendly zones. You can freely purchase e-cigarettes or take your own.

Visiting America and Canada

The North American region is home to a plethora of vaping retailers but regulations differ from state to state, so it is wise to research thoroughly before you travel. There are a no vaping bans or restrictions in place in Las Vegas, Seattle, Tampa, Denver or Virginia Beach.

In both the United States and Canada, you can travel with your own e-cigarette and use it in most places apart from parks and pubs, but in Mexico the sale and import of vape products are forbidden.

In South and Central America, there are a few bans in place, however in Brazil, Suriname and  Argentina it is illegal to sell or manufacture e-cigarettes.

In addition to the ones we have already mentioned, you can also refer to this article which enumerates countries where vaping is not allowed: https://e-cigaretteuk.org.uk/countries-that-banned-vaping/. If any of these countries is on your travel list, you better be prepared to sacrifice vaping.

The laws surrounding the sale and personal use of e-cigarettes differ largely from country to country and they are constantly changing and being updated. With this in mind, it is essential to do your own research regarding the rules and regulations on vaping in your chosen destination in order to avoid fines and other penalties.