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London 2012 – how to score affordable accommodation with less than 40 days to go

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As I write this article, the clock on the official London 2012 website informs me that there are 39 days, 11 hours and 37 minutes to go before the start of the 30th Olympic Games. That awfully nice Fed-Ex lady delivered these yesterday… We’re lucky enough to have tickets too; managing to bag three for […]

A different type of Grown-up Travel – the Learning Journey

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This is a guest post by Richard Brownsdon of Inspiring Adventures. Image (c) Richard Brownsdon “Are we going under the Mubarak Peace Bridge?” “Yep” “Didn’t he attack his own people?” “Yeah” “Doesn’t sound very peaceful. Are those tanks?” “Yep” “Why is that Gunship following us?” “Maybe we should go inside…” Image (c) Richard Brownsdon Last year, […]

From Hitler’s holiday camp to luxury hotel? – Large section of the “Colossus of Rugen” sold at auction

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Block One of the Prora KdF resort fetches £2.2 million at auction on Saturday One day, you could own a piece of this… In a surprising turn of events this weekend, an entire 500 metre section of the planned holiday camp at Prora on the island of Rugen in Germany was sold for £2.2 million, […]