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Fun in the sun – 5 outdoor activities in Amsterdam

(c) Stephan Stegeman via FourSquare

The sun is shining, there’s not a cloud in the sky. Or perhaps it’s just not raining – whatever the reason, the time has come to discover the city’s outdoor attractions. Sounds good, but you’re not talking about jogging are you? You know I don’t do jogging… Relax. We’ve got a couple of healthy options […]

Not to be missed – what to see and do in Naples, Italy


In response to numerous appeals from first-time visitors to various destinations we’ve caved in to the pressure and decided to publish a series of articles highlighting the popular sights actually worth your time in a given city. The tourist traps, you mean? Well, yes and no. Many of the places we cover will be the […]

Safari and Beach Combination Honeymoons

(4)Dinarobin Resort, Mauritius (640x425)

This is a guest post by Mahlatini Travel Over the course of 2012 the trend of combining multiple holiday destinations has become a favourite for honeymooners. It promises a more varied experience for the money couples spend and promises to be a truly unique honeymoon experience. In terms of Africa a typical destination combo would […]

First impressions – a Canadian in Albania


It’s time for entry number five in our series; to date we have shared the experiences of an Englishman in New York for the first time, then a Canadian in San Francisco, An English Lady on the Costa Brava and a Kiwi in Cambodia.  A number of different authors tell us how it went the first time they […]