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Wisconsin Dells for the Grown-up Traveller

Commons (c) Bill & Vicki Tracey

This is a guest post by Christina Spruce Although Wisconsin Dells, in south-central Wisconsin, is home to just a few thousand people, millions more travel to this idyllic area each year. While the stunning scenery, including a sandstone cliff lined gorge along the Wisconsin River, is a major draw, many visitors come for more than the […]

Don’t be a dummkopf! Learn a foreign language for your travels

Commons (c) Rhisiart Hincks

When travelling, one of the first challenges that the visitor faces is the language barrier (depending, of course, on the country being visited). English-speakers have a huge advantage but the downside of the universality of the lingo is that it can make travellers lazy – or resort to the classic tactic of “if at first […]

Ideal gadgets for family travel – the Nintendo DS

IMG_6378 (640x480)

It may not really be a travel gadget, and it certainly isn’t essential, but from years of experience I can vouch for the benefits of letting your children bring along one of the many different versions of Nintendo’s portable gaming system when travelling. That being said, it’s important to have rules about when it’s acceptable to […]

6 of the best…things to do in St Kilda, Melbourne

Commons (c) HeGra28

This is a guest post by Lisa Phillips with additional material by Andy Higgs When it comes to iconic landmarks in Melbourne, there are a few that cannot be missed: a stroll down the beautiful Yarra, a visit to the exciting Crown Casino, and a day in the city’s bayside suburb, St Kilda. Located 6km from […]

A night of Bondage – making the most of an exclusive Skyfall premiere in Oslo

20121024_213028 (640x566)

26th of October? Suckers! It says the 24th on our tickets…  Image (c) Andy Higgs, Grown-up Travel Guide Luck is a funny thing. Sometimes you have it, more often it eludes you. On this occasion, I could scarcely believe my luck. Due to the fact that I happen to have a relatively obscure Norwegian credit […]

Prehistoric Peru – ancient sights you’ll never forget


It’s impossible to consider the history of South America without mentioning its pre-Columbian civilizations and indigenous people who made a lasting impact on modern culture and left their mark on the landscape. Indeed this prehistoric history is one of the most alluring reasons to visit the continent and Peru is one of the best examples; […]

The “Pearl” of Australia: Experiencing Broome’s Exclusive Industry

Dan Nelson

This is a guest post by Allison DeWale Anyone who has ever found a rugged oyster on the shore has opened it with anticipation – is there a pearl inside? While the vast majority of beachcombers are disappointed to find their seashell empty, the pearl industry relies on much more than luck and a stroll along […]