De-mystifying Permanent Motorhome Travel

Considering a new change of lifestyle can be somewhat of a daunting task. There are many questions that need to be answered before you decide to take the plunge. You may have been considering taking a long stay away from your usual home comfort or even thinking of permanently switching where you live. Motor homing is definitely a route to consider if you are thinking of making this change. The motorhome lifestyle can be very exciting and brings many benefits along with it.

Perks of the Motorhome

De-mystifying permanent motorhome travel-

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The obvious reason why many people decide to take the motorhome living option is of course lower cost of living. You will avoid paying council tax as you won’t have a permanent address as well as much lower costs for utility bills. If you are considering making the change to mount up savings for whatever that may be, then motor homing could be a great option to take to help you pursue this. It has been known for people to live in motorhomes whilst they are deciding on their next move, in many cases this could be abroad. Setting up home in a country you are unfamiliar with may require you to test the waters before deciding to buy bricks and mortar on new soil. An added bonus to living in a motorhome is: never having to pack! You will have all of your possessions under one roof and always on the move with you to wherever the next destination of your choice is.

Importance of Insurance

We all have or should very well have home insurance. Motor homing is no different; as this is your home it will also hold all of your possessions. Getting yourself some motorhome insurance will put your mind at ease. Make sure you go with an insurer you can trust, The Caravan Club have 25 years’ experience within this type of insurance sector. The Caravan Club insurance includes cover on possessions up to the value of £3,500 as well as personal accident cover up to £15,000. There are also many added additions to the premium.

Things to Consider

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One of the key factors that will come to mind is keeping warm in the winter. Firstly when buying a motorhome it is important to make sure that it is double glazed. It is also commonly known for motor homers to use campsites more often in the winter, so that there is the supply of electricity to use for their heaters. On that note it is key to point out that many people who live in motorhomes don’t stay on a campsite 24/7. The cost of this would mount up and end up being an added expense. Often people choose to stay at campsites around once a week to partake in necessities that are available on the campsites. The rest of the week is usually spent wilding camping, although make sure you check forums and seek advice first of where to pitch so that you always remain safe.


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