Don’t Forget Your Air Flosser: A Grown Up Guide On Packing For Travel

Everyone takes their toothbrush on vacation, but only the more grownup and sophisticated crowd pack their air flossers too! However, when traveling the world as a more mature individual, that isn’t the only thing you’ll want to pack. In fact, you can read more on this topic below. 

All the right documents

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Sitting at border control for hours on end while they check your papers may seem like a great adventure to document on your Instagram while you are young. However, when you have a more mature perspective, it’s nothing but unnecessary stress, and hassle that is eating into your vacation time. With that in mind, one of the most important things you need to be sure to pack are the travel documents.


Of course, these include not just your passport, visa, or visa waiver, but the right insurances as well. Happily, you can get all different types, including ones that are matched to your destination and the activities you are doing. You can even get types like this seniors travel insurance package that are based on your age. Something that can be harder to get as you advance in years.

Clothes that you can go to places other than the beach in

Lots of brightly colored sarongs or endless pairs of shorts sound like the perfect item to pack when you are about to embark on a new traveling adventure.

However, for the more mature traveler, whether in years or mentality, it is crucial to remember that you will need some more formal attire too. After all, you can’t really show up to a formal soiree in your flip flops and swimwear!

To that end be sure to pack either a smart black dress or suit, as well as at least one pair of dress shoes. Just in case you get the opportunity to attend a more grownup celebration.

Small comfort items

With age, often comes a little more of a discerning nature. What that means is you will want items both for your journey and for use when you arrive at your destination that will help keep you as comfortable as possible.

One suhh item that is a must is a travel pillow that can be inflated and used while flying. Alternatively, you can even get soft-touch scarves now that have a solid support inside. The idea being that they will support your head if you want to take an impromptu nap! Something that can make any journey that little bit more comfortable.


Temperature and coping with the extremes of it are also something that the more grownup traveler will need to deal with while they are on their adventures. Happily, there are some small and easy to pack items that can make either the extreme heat or biting cold a lot more bearable.

One such item is what is known as an ice towel. A product that is relatively inexpensive and will stay cold for hours at a time. In fact, to make the cloth cool again, all you need to do is re-wet it with water and shake it out. Then the fabric design will help to keep it and so any place you put it cool!

The best thing is that they are shaped like scarves so you can wear them around your neck while exploring a new city. Alternatively, they can come in pretty handy to drape over your forehead if your air conditioner isn’t working as well as you’d like too!


When it comes to cold weather, there are some pretty smart packing options to consider here as well. One of which is the self-heating footpad. A product that comes in packs of two and by virtue of a chemical reaction will heat up without any other intervention than simply following the instructions on the packet.

Of course, the idea is that you then place these in your shoes or walking boots and so get to keep your toes toasty warm. Even in the coldest and most snowy environments. You can even get similar items for your hands as well!


Even for the more mature traveler, there is a right and a wrong way to go about packing toiletries. Of course, you will need your essential personal items like toothbrushes and well as some of the more high-end ones such as air flossers, facial cleansing brushes, and the like. In fact, anything that you use for personal or intimate cleaning is well worth taking your own particular version of.


However, no matter where your travels take you, there will be places where you can get hold of many of the things you need. For example, unless you have to have a particular brand of soap or shampoo, it’s often easy to buy it at your destination. In fact, many hotels will provide such things for you, including washcloths and towels. Something that makes them a completely unnecessary item to pack, no matter how grownup you are.