Don’t worry, be happy!


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Travel can often test even the most relaxed of people. There is a large scope for problems, from late buses, busy trains, to delayed flights and traffic jams. The key is to put the ‘what if’s to the back of your mind and try and focus on the positives, which is always going to be the sunny destination you’re heading to. However, we must be realistic, so it’s worthwhile putting a plan B into place, or at least a few contingency arrangements.

I am unfortunately one of those people that imagines disastrous outcomes before they’ve even popped into anyone else’s heads. I suppose you could say I’m a prophet of doom, but I like to have all bases covered. However, it’s through being this way, extra careful as I like to call it, that I’ve found lots of little ways to enhance my holiday experience, and avoid problems all at the same time.

I did once arrive extremely late to the airport because of train problems, meaning I only just got to check-in by the skin of my teeth before it closed. That was one near miss too many for me, so now I get to the airport hours before I need to, in fact I now go so far as to arrive the night before and sleep there.

Before you conjure up images of me sleeping in the departure lounge, stop right there! I now book a night in an airport hotel, meaning I’m on site and the only thing I need to do is jump on the free shuttle to the door. No risk of anything going wrong, and my holiday is all kicked off a night earlier. Nice meal in the restaurant? Check. A few cocktails before bed? Check. A relaxing shower before I leave for the airport? Check.

There really is no downside, and the cost isn’t a problem either.

Last month I stayed at one of the Gatwick Airport hotels, mainly because I live around two hours from Luton Airport and I wanted to be there, without worrying about traffic jams etc. If like me, you book a flight that isn’t from your normal airport, or even your nearest airport, this is a great way to cut down on stress. I booked my Luton flight because it was cheaper and even factoring in travel costs, the flight price was less than from my regional airport. Adding in my hotel for the night really added to the holiday luxury too, and I enjoyed the night before my flight, as opposed to stressing and worrying.

This is a nationwide perk, and not just confined to London airports, so you’ll find a range of hotels at most airports across the country. I’ve stayed at a couple of the Manchester Airport hotels in the past, and found some fantastic deals, with plenty to choose from too. Nobody is forgotten, and there is a great range of Dublin Airport hotels, with something to suit every budget.

The stress of ‘what if’ did used to put a mar on the start of my holiday, as this kind of stress has a habit of hanging on into the first couple of days of a sunshine break, however being proactive and preempting means I can relax and recharge my batteries at the airport, with no cares in the world.

In the famous words of Bob Marley – don’t worry, be happy!

Andy Higgs
Andy Higgs

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