Dropped in Poland – don’t miss Heineken’s crazy new video series

Now for something a little different. Okay, completely different. For us at Grown-up Travel Towers one of the most exciting aspects of travel is that ‘fish out of water’ feeling of arriving in a new destination. The different culture, the language barrier –  the challenge of finding your way in an alien environment.

Yeah, North London can be tough.

True. But I was actually thinking of somewhere a little more exotic. Bangkok, for example – or Tokyo…

Unless you’re Thai or Japanese…

Look smartarse, you know what I mean here. But at least you are usually prepared for the experience, having presumably planned the trip and done a little research. What if you didn’t know where you were going until you got there? How well would you cope? Could you adapt?

In a highly entertaining experiment called ‘Dropped’, Heineken has decided to put a group of men to the test – by wrenching them out of their comfort zones and dumping them in strange places with just a few basic supplies and rough directions. Rather ingeniously each escapade has been custom-made for the guy in question – so they will have to face their own fears and to make it home they will need to ‘become a legend’.

The clip here is the trailer for the fourth series, in which an affable chap from South Africa is blindfolded and bundled into a light aircraft. When his blindfold is removed Clint Jacobs from Cape Town discovers that the plane is full of rather sinister looking clowns in full make-up. His initial amusement quickly fades as as they proceed to jump out and he begins to realise what they have in store for him. Before you can say “Behind You!” our Clint is strapped to one of the gang members and propelled through the open door for a tandem parachute jump over Poland.

Presumably Mr Jacobs told them he had a fear of skydiving Polish clowns on the application form?

Well, perhaps. You’ll just have to watch the full series to find out what happens. Be sure to check out the first three shows too – in which the participants were dropped in Alaska, Cambodia and Morocco. Albeit not quite as literally as Clint…

Andy Higgs
Andy Higgs

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