Your essential guide to travelling with e-cigs

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Photo credit: VAPES.COM Vaping on an E-Cig / Not Smoking via photopin (license)

There are millions of vapers across the world and luckily for e-cig users the habit doesn’t mean giving up travelling in style. In fact, vaping in a new, stunning destination could be just what you need to enhance the relaxing experience. Whether you’re flying to an exotic new destination or cruising around beautiful city destinations, it’s often possible to take all your equipment and favourite e-juice along with you.

While vapers are welcomed in many of the most popular travel hotspots there are some regulations and restrictions that you need to keep in mind, including certain regions where vaping is frowned upon and even outright banned. Here we cover some of the most common queries relating to vaping and working on your tan.

Flying with an e-cig and vape juice

Most airlines are fine with you travelling with your electronic cigarette device but it’s always worth checking for specific restrictions if you’re wanting to take it on in your hand luggage. For instance, some airlines will only allow you to take two batteries on board. Getting all the information, you need ahead of time ensure that you’re well prepared and can take all the e-cig tools you bring with you to your chosen destination.

The usual restrictions around taking liquid in carry-on luggage applies to e-liquid too. So, you’ll need to make sure each individual bottle of e-juice is under 100ml and that they’re all placed in a single, clear plastic bag alongside your other liquid items. Be wary though, not all airlines allow you to take e-juice on-board.

Make sure your battery is fully charged and plan in some extra time to get through security, although it’s unlikely to be a problem in a country where vaping has become commonplace.

You might think that you can get around airline restrictions by putting your e-cig and vape liquid into your checked luggage. But you won’t be able to do think, it’s banned across all air travel due to the risk of devices overheating.

Using e-juice inside an airport and on-board

Here, it will depend on which airport you’re flying from. However, for the most part airport restrictions on vaping are the same as those for smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. That means no smoking indoors and heading to designated areas whenever you need a hit.

The majority of airlines will not allow you to use anything that even resembles an e-cig once you’re on-board a flight, although many offer smokeless cigarettes for sale, and you can’t charge your device on-board either. If you’re thinking of flouting the rules, remember some passengers have been arrested for using e-liquid on-board, with some even facing jail time.

Destinations where vaping is banned

There are some countries that have completely banned vaping and using e-liquid. If you’re an avid vaper who doesn’t want to give up the vape liquid for a few weeks, it’s best to avoid these places as you could be faced with hefty penalties if you’re found to be bending the rules.

Among the countries where vaping is banned are:

  • Cambodia
  • Indonesia
  • Singapore
  • Dubai
  • Saudi Arabia

It’s also worth noting that just because e-juice isn’t banned in a country doesn’t mean it will be welcomed or that supplies will be readily available. In many countries, particularly those that aren’t Western, vaping is allowed for personal use but it’s not legal to import or sell, if you’re heading to these places you’ll want to make sure you take enough e-liquid to cover the whole of you vacation plans.

When you’re in a new destination, it’s best to discreetly vape at first while you gauge attitudes. There are also some holiday vacation spots where the rulings around using vape liquid are still unclear and there is often confusion between the product that contain nicotine and those that don’t.

When you’re travelling a bit of preparation is crucial if you’re a vaper but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your vacation plans.