Why the ferry might be better than the plane for your next French holiday

For me, there’s something special about taking the ferry from the UK to France rather than jumping on a plane. It has a lot to do with nostalgia, for sure – memories of day trips to Calais and school trips to Boulogne – but there are other aspects that appeal to. Depending of course on where you live (and where you are going) you may even find that you save time too.

As well as the many points shown in this nifty infographic from Brittany Ferries I really enjoy the ‘long goodbye’ as the boat pulls away from the port and your adventure begins. You get to savour the feeling in a way that just doesn’t happen with air travel – and arrival is even better. The first sight of land, the sights and sounds of a foreign port – it’s what travel is all about.

In these days of generic and anonymous airports with the same chain stores and fast food outlets it can be hard to get that holiday feeling on leaving the plane, whereas arrival by sea lets you feel more of the excitement of reaching new shores.

Take a look at the infographic below and you may be surprised just how many advantages travelling by ferry can have compared with flying – it may even make you reconsider how to get to your next holiday destination.

Ferry to France vs Plane

Image source: Brittany Ferries – Ferry VS Plane to France