For those about to rock (paper, scissors)…we salute you

Do you have what it takes?Rock, Paper, Scissors Championships

As you’ll be finding out soon enough, despite our Grown-up angle we actually love the slightly silly side of life too. So when you’re travelling, we will keep you up-to-date with some of the more leftfield things to see and do. London excels at esoteric attractions so if you couldn’t join the hordes running from the zombies what about trying your hand (geddit?) at the UK Rock paper scissors championship? It takes place on Saturday 22 October at the Knights Templar Pub in Chancery Lane, London so you’ll have to get a wiggle on as registration closes tonight. Still, it has to be a wonderful spectator sport too so why not turn up and support the, erm, athletes?

The tournament is in its fifth year and will host over 200 competitors fighting for the title. cash prize and of course the prestige of being the UK’s best.

Give me some Rock, paper, scissors facts – and now!

Okay, this from the press release:

  • The origins of the game go back to Japan.  Although there are rumours it goes as far back as prehistoric times, when competitors only ever threw rocks!
  • The largest ever game of rock paper scissors involved 6,500 people in Louisville, Kentucky, USA
  • Ipswich Town footballers Jimmy Bullard & Keith Andrews recently played rock, paper, scissors during a recent match with Coventry City to decide who took a free kick.
  • A Japanese art collector who could not decide whether to sell his Impressionist paintings through Christie’s or rival auction house Sotheby’s instructed them on the advice of the director’s 11-year-old daughters, chose scissors. Sotheby’s went for the open palm in a bid to beat the expected clenched fist, and lost the deal
  • The largest ever game of rock paper scissors involved 6,500 people in Louisville, Kentucky, USA has all the information you need.

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