Four of the Best Bingo Halls in New York City

If there’s one game that’s undergone a serious glow-up in the last decade, it’s bingo. Once the preserve of housewives and OAPs, it today enjoys a mass appeal among a much younger audience too.

As a result of this burgeoning popularity, bingo is now available to play in more cool and quirky venues than ever before. Offering the perfect pastime for those who are on vacation and looking for a fun way to waste a few hours, it can be enjoyed no matter where you are in the world.

This extends, of course, to the greatest cosmopolitan mecca of them all: the inimitable New York City. If you’re lucky enough to holiday here, these are four of the best bingo halls for you to try.   

Top Bingo Hall

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If you’re looking for someplace fun to play, then Top Bingo Hall deserves to have a spot on this list. Located in Queen’s Village, this quirky venue is one of the largest bingo halls in the city, and it knows how to host a truly fun night out. Jackpots go all the way up to $6,000, and there’s a great concessions stand on site so you can stock up on some scrumptious supplies between games. If you’ve rented a car, you’ll find plenty of free parking, and the site is also easily accessible from the nearest subway. Bingo takes place here from Monday through to Sunday.

Fifth Avenue Bingo Hall

If you’re a big fan of bingo in all its incarnations, then let us recommend the Fifth Avenue Bingo Hall as well. For those who regularly play bingo games online and have come to know about the different variants of bingo available on bingo websites, this venue celebrates the iconic game in its purest form, where the aim of the game is simple: to be the first person to cross all of the numbers off your card and achieve the much sought-after full house (animated screaming optional). With play starting every night from 6pm, there’s a fee to pay before you can enter, plus an additional charge per card, but the attractive jackpots on offer make this entirely worthwhile. There’s even table service available so you don’t have to get up mid-game.

Le Poisson Rouge

For those in search of something a little different, there is Le Poisson Rouge too. Hosted by legendary drag queen Linda Simpson, the game is only a small part of the night’s entertainments when you visit this very special venue. That’s because other highlights include an onsite DJ, cocktail specials, and an assortment of whacky and wonderful prizes. While admission is free, cards cost, but they’re priced at a very reasonable $2, meaning that even the most meagre budget is no impediment to enjoying yourself. Games start at 6.45pm every Friday and Saturday.   

The Standard Grill

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If you ever find yourself in the vicinity of Washington Street on a Sunday, you might also want to try the Standard Grill. While bingo is not its speciality, this venue still knows how to host a pretty great game. The menu is a particular highlight, with plenty of delicious food and drink to pick from, and the game itself is entirely free. It’s completely up to you how much you spend, which makes this an attractive option for those on a budget. If you’re in the mood for a cocktail or two, then the Standard Express would be our go-to recommendation.

Why not visit one of these four amazing venues the next time you’re in New York City?