Get ready for winter – 4 ways you can prepare for the season ahead

Are you ready for winter? Preparing ourselves for the coldest, and often harshest, part of the year is so much more than simply putting on our winter coats and finding a pair of gloves. Winter is a long month with harsh weather conditions, illness in abundance, dark nights and not forgetting all the festivities and fun you need to plan and pay for.

So, in order to make the most of these next few months, I’ve come up with 4 simple ways you can prepare for the winter season ahead. Good luck!

Try to save as much as you can

With Christmas on the way, as well as rising energy and heating bills it’s a good idea to try and save as much money as you can. It’s a good idea to check that you’re in receipt of all the benefits that you and your family are entitled to. Whether you’re a single parent, on a low income, have a disability or you’ve recently left the military – click here for more information about disability ratings for veterans – having a little extra in your account each month will help cover the additional expenses that winter brings. If you wanted to earn a little extra money, you could consider a side hustle to work from home to bring in some more income.

Get your car checked

No one enjoys spending time de-icing the car on a freezing morning whilst you’re running late for work. Sadly, the winter weather is harsh, and it can take its toll on our vehicles, therefore it’s important that you get your car checked over by a qualified and reputable garage. Get the tyre pressure checked, the oil, battery, headlamps, fog lights and your wipers. It’s also a good idea to put together an emergency car kit, in case you find yourself stuck in a traffic jam or in bad weather.

Be prepared for the weather!

Easier said than done! However, ensuring everyone has a good quality coat, gloves, boots and scarves will certainly make the school run a little more bearable. Power cuts are common during the winter months so having a supply of candles and torches at home will make life a little easier. Having a first aid kit at home is essential and make sure you bring in items such as your bins and lawn furniture to prevent them from causing damage to your property in high winds.

Be ready for illness

No one wants to get ill. But when you have small children at home or you come into contact with others on a regular basis, it’s likely that you’ll get at least a cold this winter. Make sure you’re prepared by having plenty of medicines available at home. Antibacterial products, hot water bottles, cosy pyjamas, plenty of bedding and towels too. In order to avoid bringing a more serious illness into the home such as gastroenteritis or the norovirus, make sure everyone is familiar with good hand washing technique and make an effort to wipe down door handles, light switches and other items frequently.

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Andy Higgs

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