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Macau is also known as the Monte Carlo of the Orient and is one of the few places in the far East where gambling is completely legal. Macau relied heavily on the tourism generated by its fine casino establishments, and a huge amount of waterside resorts placed their main focus on casino and gambling entertainment. Millions of tourists annually have flocked to Macau to enjoy unrestricted gambling and as a result of this Macau now boasts more casinos and casino games than Las Vegas. Macau sprawls across a peninsula and 2 islands on the banks of the Pearl River Delta in the Guangdong Province and offers visitors an East meets West fusion of culture, architecture and cuisine. This vibrant coastal city is considered one of the finest holiday getaways in the region.

Macau was welcoming over 20 million visitors a year to visit the popular and numerous resorts and indulge in legal gambling. However with online gambling becoming more and more popular and the dramatic increase in reputable and established sites like Gaming Club Online Casino giving players an authentic casino experience in the comfort of their own home, Macau resorts have had to compete with a previously nonexistent form of competition.

In order to keep tourism numbers steady and avoid decline, tourists can now enjoy great deals and amazing special offers from resorts in Macau .These special offers are aimed at  encouraging tourists to visit this incredible coastal region and enjoy all the luxury and entertainment on offer. The attractions of Macau far exceed just the amazing casinos; there are ancient ruins and Temples, churches, museums and peaceful beaches for visitors to enjoy. Visitors are now being encouraged by the resorts lower rates and special promotions on offer to discover the more cultural side of the region and the focus has had to broaden from being a casino-orientated destination to being one of multiple attractions worthy of discovery.

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