Get wicked, get crazy with a stag party you never had before


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A stag party is a rite of passage for every man about to tie the knot so it’s vital that the last night of freedom is an unforgettable one. It’s also the perfect chance to enjoy a weekend away for male-bonding, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Unforgettable activities

There are some truly unforgettable activities geared towards stag parties and depending on how adventurous your group is feeling you can enjoy everything from stunt car driving to an assault course. For those who enjoy beer or wine there are several different booze cruise options and you can take to the streets in a bus or a beer bike, or hit the river or canals in a boat. These booze cruises are a great way to sight-see and spend a day drinking with your friends and offer endless opportunities for fun.

A Wild Weekend

Weekends away are very popular with many stags as they give friends the chance to really bond and enjoy some crazy activities together. A stag weekend in Ibiza or another Spanish island destination is a very common choice as a send-off for an almost married mate, but there are also some other destinations that offer incredible adventures. For some ideas you could take a look at or you can visit your local travel agent and see what stag weekend specials are on offer.

Dressed for success

Dressing your stag up is almost obligatory and if you have chosen to enjoy a weekend away what better choice than an outfit based on the local culture. A visit to Amsterdam might see you dressing your stag up as one of the ladies in the red light district and an obligatory window photo shoot will add to the fun, or if you take a trip to Germany it may be essential that you stag dons a lusty Bavarian bar maid outfit and learns a traditional dance.

Outdoor adventures

Canyoning, zorbing, bungee jumping and abseiling are just some of the incredible outdoor activities that can be enjoyed by a stag and his friends. All of these can build great team spirit and strengthen friendships and the bigger the adrenalin rush, the more memorable the party! Mock Highland games are also offered by several stag destinations and stream jumping, hurling and other fun versions of traditional events have been adapted for enjoyment for those who wish to show their stag a good time whilst flexing their muscles.

4 wheeled entertainment

4X4 off-roading, quad biking, go karting and mud buggie adventures are great fun for anyone who is enthusiastic about cars. These activities are often rather messy and can be enjoyed in teams or as individuals, bringing out the competitive spirit in the group and creating some great photo opportunities for those who are less successful drivers than their friends. Obstacle courses or races are great for building team spirit and often a fun way to start off a weekend where people do not all know each other. Male bonding over cars and mud is almost guaranteed and there are several off-road courses throughout the UK that cater for these types of activities.

With so many varied entertainment and getaway options, a wicked, wild stag party is easy to organise and is the best way to send your friend off in style. There are hundreds of destinations all over the UK and beyond that offer incredible packages and the chance to enjoy a stag do that will never be forgotten!

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