Grown-up Travel Guide Beer Diary: Day 278

Welcome to the Grown-up Travel Guide 2015 Beer Diary!

A little background info: in December a group of us decided to set up the 2014 Beer Advent Calendar, whereby we would try a new beer each day up until Christmas. We shared our tipples on Facebook and Instagram and a great time was had by all – plus we all got to learn about some fine brews from around the world.

Faced with a sense of emptiness when the challenge was over I decided that 24 days a year was just not enough. Why not a year of beer? And so here we are. I reckon a beer a day can keep the doctor away – but even if not it’ll be fun, right?

Given that a large proportion of the year 2015 will be spent in foreign climes there will be the added element of finding a new brew wherever we travel and there are a huge number of excellent beers available here in Norway too – most of which I doubt any of our readers will have heard of.

Your participation is not only encouraged but required – just use the hashtag #grownupbeerdiary if possible. Add your entries here and/or use our social media channels – whatever works best for you.

To keep it simple follow the same format as we do here: describe your day in a maximum of five sentences, add some info about the beer and a photo or two.

Obscure ales and imports IPAs are always interesting but there’s to be no snobbery here – anything goes, even alcohol-free as we all need a good alternative now and again. We’ll work out the practicalities as we go – but since the first day of the year is nearly over we better get started on this journey around the world – in beer form. Cheers!

Day 278: October 5, 2015

Diary entry:

Another week starts with translation work.

Took me a bit longer than expected but finished ahead of time.

Then on to WTM work and some blogging.

Sorted a little trip away for tomorrow.

Swam at the gym then dinner and Bond.

The Beer:

Grown-up Travel Guide Beer Diary - Day 278: Scorcher IPA from Brooklyn Brewery of New York, USA
Grown-up Travel Guide Beer Diary – Day 278: Scorcher IPA from Brooklyn Brewery of New York, USA


Name: Scorcher IPA

Producer: Brooklyn Brewery of New York, USA

Alcohol content: 4.5 %

Bottle size: 330 ml

Purchased from: Local supermarket, Trondheim, Norway


I’m not a great fan of regular Brooklyn beers, but this IPA was very good.