Grown-up Travel Guide’s Best Photos: Abandoned fun fair, Berlin, Germany

dsc_4086-640x429Does anyone else find this kind of creepy? This fun fair has only been closed since 2001 but has already been reclaimed by nature. Not quite sure what happened to that dinosaur on the right though…if you’re wondering, it’s fenced off so this was as close as I could get.

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  1. Hey Andy, taking photo’s around this place is on my To Do list actually. I know a few people (separately) who have just jumped the fences and gone exploring in this quirky bit of history at Treptower Park. It’s where they filmed the eery end scenes in the film Hanna with Eric Bana too. 😉

    1. It is pretty easy to get in, but they were patrolling with a dog when I last went there so I chickened out. Yes it’s been used in a couple of films, I only got round to seeing Hanna a few months ago and it certainly has a starring role 🙂 Loved that movie by the way…

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