Grown-up Travel Guide Daily Photo: Inside Rundetaarn, Copenhagen, Denmark


In 1716, Peter the Great rode horseback to the top here and a car apparently made it up in 1902. But it’s also fine to walk. And this is what it looks like from the outside

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  1. When was the Rundetaarn built.

    It looks very curvy inside but I like the bright, white decor.

  2. Yay, good old Copenhagen. Rundetaarn might not seem high in comparison with modern buildings but in Danish terms it reaches the sky! We have no mountains (well one, but only in name – it’s a hill really!) and very few high buildings. It offers a great view over Copenhagen – the other way is to go to Tivoli Gardens. From the rides you get a pretty good view too, if you’re not too busy being terrified;-)

    1. I’ve yet to try that bonkers ride at Tivoli (I think they call it the Golden Tower in English) but will definitely give it a go one day – the view from there must be amazing. You also have the Radisson Hotel and the clock tower of the Town Hall for good views. The best of all though has to be from up here…

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