Grown-up Travel Guide Daily Photo: Mohrenstrasse U-Bahn station, Berlin, Germany


The U-Bahn station Mohrenstrasse in central Berlin has quite a history. Originally called Kaiserhof, it was the scene of an attempted escape from the nearby Fuhrer Bunker in the last hours of the war. About ten separate groups used the tunnel to make their way to Friedrichstrasse station – among the escapees was one Martin Bormann. Only a few managed to get away to Northern Germany, and Bormann’s fate remains the subject of controversy. The station was completely destroyed in the war but was rebuilt and reopened under the name Thalmannplatz; but with the East-West U-Bahn connection severed it became a terminus. The line was reconnected in 1993 and the station given its current name. The red marble you see here was taken from the New Reich Chancellery which was destroyed by the Soviet Administration.

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