Grown-up Travel Guide Daily Photo: On the Skydeck Ledge, Chicago, USA

DSC 4667

Chicago coverage continues…The Sears Tower (which they have conspicuously failed to rename the Willis Tower) offers four of these glass boxes that stick out four feet into nothingness some 1450 feet over the ground. The ultimate in aversion therapy for vertigo sufferers and highly entertaining for all of us.

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  1. Sean

    are you saying you didn’t see a willis tower sign? because there are at least 3 massive ones that have been up pretty much since they made the announcement …

    locals (myself included) still refer to it as the sears, but young tourists from elsewhere not familiar w/ the building have probably been indoctrinated by the signage/guards/etc. how could you have possibly missed them?

    1. Andy Higgs

      Hi Sean,
      Okay, you misunderstood my sarcastic comment there. What I meant was that they have failed to rename the tower in peoples’ minds. I know that it’s called the Willis Tower these days, and as an ex-Londoner I probably should support the name Willis as that’s where the company comes from, but for me and most others (and especially locals) it will always be the Sears Tower. You’d probably be right about young tourists but I don’t really fit in that category either… 🙂

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