Grown-up Travel Guide is off to Chicago – and San Salvador!

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As you may have read in this article here we will be taking the Grown-up Travel Guide on the road again next week, with a 3 night stopover in the Windy City (which is incidentally so called because of its bragging locals, rather than the weather) en route to San Salvador for a four day break and a friend’s wedding. Clearly this is an opportunity to create some new articles and guides for the website and since I am also stopping over at Frankfurt airport I’ll be adding a hotel review from there too.

The current rough plan is for a trip report of my experience in First and Business Class after having redeemed frequent flyer points for a spectacular journey consisting of nine stages. I’ll review my night at the Kempinski Hotel Gravenbruch Frankfurt which I managed to score for a bargain rate (relatively speaking) on, then write up a 48 hour destination guide for Chicago for my mate Justin over at in the same format as the one I did for Stockholm. The next on my list is a “Been there, haven’t done that” in which I’ll cover 5 things to do in Chicago that are a little off the tourist trail. There’ll be a review of the almost brand-new Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel which will be by home for my stay there and a piece on the food and beer scene.

After a quick change of plane in Houston I’ll be landing in San Salvador and will be compiling a guide to the El Salvadorean capital as well as providing a hotel review.

Naturally I’ll be taking hundreds of photos as per usual and will be dragging my full complement of gear including a tripod for those sunset shots.

So it’s going to be a busy trip – but I’d like to hear from any readers with tips or advice about any of the destinations on my journey. So please do add your comments below to help me make even more out of this break – and create even better content for Grown-up Travel Guide!

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