Guides, tours and going it alone

This is a guest post from Monarch Airlines by Madeline Colborn 

There’s nothing like the thrill of independent travel. But guided travel is also worth a second thought, as it can help to decrease risk and hassle – as well as maximise adventure – on your trip.

The choice is yours! It all depends on your destination, and the kind of holiday you’re after.

Secure your peace of mind

Hiring a guide or joining a tour can help you relax, as you put worries to rest and make the most of your holiday.


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In places such as Egypt, for example, having someone to show you around can help make your trip safer and easier. And this can be true wherever you go – even in places like Goa where most travel is trouble-free.

Remember these tips when deciding on a guide or tour:

  • Guided travel is sometimes a must. If you want to travel off road in Egypt, for example, you need to hire a qualified guide and obtain the relevant permits from the Ministry of Interior
  • It’s a good idea to check the latest travel advice about your destination on the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) website at
  • For maximum peace of mind, you should choose guides and tours that are recommended by your travel operator


Make more of your adventure

It’s a misconception that intrepid travellers avoid guides and tours.

  • An expert or local guide can make your holiday experience richer and more exciting
  • Whether you’re interested in nature, culture or even extreme sports, a good guide will take you off the well-worn tourist trail and get you closer to the action
  • Tours and guides needn’t break your holiday budget either. Take advantage of the low cost package holidays to Greece, for instance. A day trip by boat around the island of Corfu, leaving from Kontokali, is one great option


Be your own guide


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On the other hand, there are many destinations where you can be sure to feel confident about exploring on your own. With a little research and planning, you might decide to take a DIY approach to guided travel. To plan your own self-guided adventure:

  • Consult travel guides
  • Share experiences with other travellers online
  • Ask friends for their tips
  • And consider following in the footsteps of your favourite travel writer

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What do you think? Is it always better to travel independently or can a guided tour add something special to your trip? Let us know by leaving your comments below.


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