What the flip is Grown-up Travel Guide.com?

Wae thought you’d never ask. Well, at a certain point a lot of people end up asking the question “is there life after backpacking?” The answer is simple – yes.

Life after backpacking is what we like to call Grown-up Travel.

Do elaborate…

It’s different to backpacking, but it is WAY more fun. Remember Paris? When you managed to get a dirty bed for a few dollars, put together your very own take on the baguette from the cheapest supermarket you could find and even ran to a beer in a dive bar in the roughest part of town? Sure it was fun, when you were young, but don’t tell me you didn’t feel just a tad jealous of those tourists (you were of course a traveller, there’s a big difference I know…) who could actually afford to go UP the Eiffel Tower instead of gaze at it from the ground?

Well, yeah, you got me there. So how do I get to be the one up there looking down?

Have you ever reminisced about your days exploring the world, only to feel that those adventurous experiences are now a distant memory? As life progresses, priorities change, and so do our travel preferences. But who says the thrill of adventure and discovery should be reserved for the young? Enter the concept of “Grown-up Travel” – for those who crave a more meaningful and immersive travel experience without compromising on comfort or quality.

Grown-up Travel is for the post-backpacking generation, who have built successful careers and perhaps raised a family. They are now looking to rekindle their passion for adventure and exploration, this time with a touch of sophistication. It’s not about age, but about an outlook that values authentic experiences, cultural immersion, and unique encounters while enjoying the finer things in life.

Certain things need to happen in your life to get to the stage where you can take a Grown-up trip. You need to have some money behind you and be able to relax about your budget. An example of a typical progression here would be something like this: Your first taste of independent travel may be backpacking as a student or youth. Reality bites and you return home to get a job.

The horror!

Quite. Remember this is only an example…Later on comes a partner and a family. Perhaps even a charter holiday in the sun with your offspring!

Okay now you´re going too far…

Believe me, it happens. You´d be surprised how easy the transition can be from a voodoo market in Benin to a week on the Algarve given the requisite number of years and the addition of children in between.

Save me, save me from this fate!

We can. This is where Grown-up Travel Guide can help.

Grown-up Travellers want more than just a beach holiday or a standard tour; they crave unforgettable experiences that enrich their lives and broaden their horizons. We focus on unique adventures that delve into local cultures, explore lesser-known destinations, and embrace a spirit of curiosity and openness.

No more cramped hostels or flea-ridden hotels – grown-up travellers can enjoy a good night’s sleep in charming boutique hotels or luxurious lodges after a day filled with awe-inspiring activities.

Grown-up Travel experiences are not about ticking boxes or rushing through a list of must-see sights. Instead, they’re about taking the time to truly immerse yourself in a destination, to learn about its history, culture, and traditions, and to make lasting memories through meaningful interactions. Our travellers are interested in exploring local markets, learning a new craft from a skilled artisan, or enjoying a home-cooked meal with a local family.

In conclusion, grown-up travel is a celebration of the spirit of adventure and discovery that transcends age. It’s about travellers who want to reconnect with their sense of wonder, indulge in authentic experiences, and create lasting memories, all while enjoying the comfort and quality they’ve earned in life. Follow Grown-up Travel Guide and rediscover the thrill of the new.

Our mission is to inspire and inform to help readers get the most out of their travel. It´s all about value for money and special experiences. We are building this site to provide a wealth of information to help you with all aspects of travel. Stick with us, it´s going to be a fun ride.

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