Hoping to finance your next adventure? Discover 4 expensive habits you can cut right now

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So you’ve been well and truly bitten by the travel bug. And now it’s taken hold it’s impossible to shake off! The only cure is to head abroad and embark on a new set of adventures that you’ll treasure forever. The only problem now is cashflow.

It is possible to travel the world on a limited budget. However, if there are specific activities you want to do, places you want to see and levels of comfort you’re used to, then having a substantial budget for both day-to-day and emergencies is highly recommended. Saving is a slog, and it can take a long time. So, is there any way you could speed things along a little?

Read on for 4 expensive habits that you can cut right now to help finance your next adventure!

Your smoking habit

Smoking is bad for your health as well as for your wallet. If you’re trying to quit, that’s great however you might still be paying for expensive cigarettes as you wind down your smokes per day. The solution? Consider switching to vape products instead. Vape products like the ones you’ll find here are a simple solution for those who are hoping to quit traditional cigarettes and save a little money at the same time. Check them out.

Drinking with friends

Ok, so it’s been a long week and you deserve to kick back and let your hair down. So, when you’re invited to the pub after work you jump at the chance. All this is great, but in practice, you’re throwing your travel fund down the drain. Drinking with work colleagues, friends or family can be very expensive and when you’re socialising like this a couple of nights a week, your bank balance will start to suffer. The solution is simple, buy drinks, stay home and invite everyone over instead. You can watch a movie, eat good food and still have a great time. You don’t have to worry about getting a taxi back home either.

Wasting your food

So, you think the fact that you’ve planned your weekly meals in advance makes you financially savvy? Meal planning is a great achievement but that’s not the hard bit. The real challenge is actually sticking to the meals you’ve bought groceries for! When you no longer fancy that healthy stir fry and you’re craving a takeaway instead, the ingredients simply go bad and you’re creating food and economic waste. Instead, be firm with yourself and eat what you have in the fridge! Or by in smaller quantities so there is less waste.

Using the car

You may need the car for work. Granted. However, using the car when you could simply walk to the shop or to your dental appointment is an expensive habit you need to break. You’re using more money on fuel, on the wear and tear of your car and in some cases paying for parking! If the weather is good and it’s not too far – walk! You and your wallet will thank you.