How to Travel as a College Student


As a student, traveling gives you an excellent opportunity to refresh your mind after a tedious semester or week of lengthy classes and complex assignments. However, having a wonderful experience requires thorough preparation and knowledge about the best destinations and reasonable rates to make the trip worthwhile. To enjoy long weekends, summer holidays, and college breaks, learning to manage your funds and maximize your limited resources can make traveling rich and famous. This review offers insider tips on how to travel as a college student.

Effective Ways to Travel While in College

Plan early

Having a well-planned trip ensures you enjoy it to the fullest. Firstly, it is important to book reservations early to secure your spot and avoid last-minute inconveniences. Secondly, you should weigh options and settle on destinations within your budget. Thirdly, initial research allows you to establish the safety of different places and choose the most secure areas. Finally, reading hotel reviews can offer insights into their location, security, and affordability, giving you time to save enough money for the forthcoming trip.

Conduct prior research before traveling to minimize expenses

Even though off-season traveling guarantees cheaper expenses, the variation depends on your destinations. Therefore, it is vital to match different regions’ off-season with student breaks. For instance, New Zealand’s winter, characterized by low prices due to the off-peak, coincides with summer in the United States. Thus, understanding time differences and planning accordingly can have numerous benefits.

Select the best season

It is recommended to travel during the low season because it is always easy to secure cheap flights. For instance, during the winter season traveling to European countries is quite affordable due to low demand. Whenever most individuals plan for vacations, they picture summertime as the best season to have a blast. However, everything is offered at a high cost during this time of the year. As a student, apart from having the desire to enjoy yourself to the fullest, it is important to plan yourself and ensure the expenses fit within your budget. Hence, opting to travel during spring when the weather is still warm and in winter can guarantee a lot of fun because tickets are usually cheaper during such periods. In the case of Asian countries, summertime is always considered the low season. Other than cheap flights and less congested streets and tourist sites, the winter season offers numerous fascinating sites to visit. For example, Amsterdam is more beautiful when viewed during winter. Furthermore, mountain skiing on the Alps is more fascinating during the winter since it is less crowded. Therefore, it is vital to plan your holiday trips around these times to land on awesome flights at low rates and have a blissful experience.

Alternative Option for Preparing For a College Student Trip

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How to Travel for Free as a Student

Attend conferences as alternatives for traveling

As a college student, at times it might be difficult to find the most appropriate time to travel and balance school work. Therefore, attending conferences is an excellent way to kill two birds with one stone. Apart from having time to learn the outlined topics for the conference, you can set aside time to visit nearby towns and other local tourist attraction sites during breaks and on the weekend before traveling back to school. Becoming friends with other participants during such forums can open more opportunities for future trips. As a member of a research group, you enjoy the benefits of free transportation, meals, travel tickets, and accommodation. However, it is quite challenging to enjoy these privileges when one is not a registered member of an active research group. Furthermore, if you belong to an academic field that does not organize regular fieldwork, it might be an extra hustle to convince students from other faculties to incorporate you into their teams.

Look for free accommodation

Living in a comfortable place can make a trip more interesting and worth giving another chance. Airbnb is the nicest place to save more money and meet great people during your vacation as a student. Some Airbnbs offer travelers the freedom to prepare meals using the availed kitchenette, thus saving money that would have been used in hotels. For safety reasons, those who may not prefer these amenities can opt for hotel offer deals that include half board offers, although at a slightly higher cost. However, having free accommodation during your vacation can help to reduce the budget. Staying with friends and relatives in your tourist destination area can save costs, giving you an opportunity to maximize your trip. If the local people in the tourists’ destination area are hospitable, you might consider helping with simple house chores and farm work including shopping, cooking, washing utensils, and coaching children in the evenings. In exchange for these services, you can stay for free and save the money that would have been used for accommodation or use it to visit more places such as monuments and museums.

Look for free tours or travel as a group

To save yourself the hustle of organizing for a vacation while struggling with school work, you can opt for free tours, often offered at affordable rates, with a traveler’s limit. Unlike tour-providing agencies, individuals are not obliged to pay prescribed fees. Through such arrangements, you can only compensate for whatever service you want since even though tour guides might be willing to offer directions and advice free of charge, at least they deserve a tip for their guidance to local tourist sites. Furthermore, traveling with friends, either in class or school matters can save lots of money and make the trip more interesting. As a team, you can share the costs of food, accommodation, and tickets equally and have more fun with the remaining amount.

Wrapping Up about Traveling as a College Student

Many people anticipate affordable and unique experiences, although they do not realize the importance of early preparation and comparing prices in different countries and tour destinations before settling on their preferred options. Lack of enough preparation can have adverse implications on the entire journey. However, saving costs by looking for cheaper options can make the trip worthwhile.