How to Travel Like an Adult without Breaking the Bank

So you’re over the backpacking scene and you’re ready to travel like an adult, but how can you do it without going broke? Here’s how to travel like an adult without breaking the bank.

Get Insurance

The first step to travelling like an adult is to always opt for insurance. It’s understandable that you might not want to pay for something you hopefully won’t even need but if you do, it can be a lifesaver, literally. If you’re going abroad, always pay extra for medical coverage, a little extra now can save you a lot of money and a lot of stress compared to the thousands it could cost for medical treatment should an accident happen.

Study and work abroad

If you don’t quite have the funds to cover a long trip abroad, think about studying or working as you roam the world. You can work on a cruise ship, airplane or with au pair or tour guide companies. While these mightn’t seem as glamourous as travel blogging or being an Instagram influencer, they are a lot more realistic. If you’re still studying, your college likely offers study abroad programs. Your tuition is also likely to cover the main portion of living arrangement and classes. This leaves airfare, food and activities for you to cover.

Travel with purpose

Another way to travel like an adult is to travel with purpose. Meaningful travel means being part of something larger than yourself. Immerse yourself in a new culture, foster genuine connections with people and see the world through your new adult lens, rather than the eyes of a backpacking twenty-something. You can volunteer in a partner community with certain volunteer organisations. Work alongside community members on sustainable development projects such as building homes or even a school.

Fly nonstop

Smart travellers fly until they arrive at their destination. Travellers are charged for each airport they visit so skip the connections whenever possible. It’s also smoother on your sleep schedule, so rack up those miles while you zone out and catch up on some rest before exploring a new world. Travel smarter to feel like you’re in business class rather than economy by bringing your own snacks, pillow and entertainment.

Take a cruise

If flying nonstop isn’t your jam, take the slow road and enjoy a cruise in casual luxury. Glide down the world’s most spectacular rivers with a unique view most Millennial’s haven’t considered from your own private oasis. Adult travel doesn’t get more grown-up than taking a cruise. While cruise ships are tailoring offerings directly to Millennials with themed and trendy, selfie-worthy amenities, it’s still true that cruising is predominately taken up by older generations. That doesn’t mean young adults should be put off though, in fact quite the opposite. Cruising is cost effective and there are a huge number of destinations you can tick off your bucket list early.

Andy Higgs
Andy Higgs

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