How Travelling is Beneficial for Your Health

Although we may strive to make our homes as comforting and good for our health as possible: we all feel the need to get away here or there.  Fortunately, travel can be fantastic for our health as well!  These are the top reasons why traveling is great for your health, and you should indulge in it the moment you can!

It Releases Stress

Getting away from the office is good, but a staycation won’t reduce much of our stress because it means we’re still around our daily chores and needs.  A traveling vacation can be good because it ensures that we’re leaving behind our laundry, the home updates that we’ve been putting off, and the need to go hunting for apartments in Durham, NC.  Instead, your attention is on what food you get to eat next, how soon you should get up in the morning, and what sights you should see.  This can be a lot easier on the mind.

Encourages Physical Mobility

When we travel, we’re often far more mobile than we are when we’re at home!  Between going through airports to walking around exhibits and sightseeing, we often get far more physical activity while we’re away.  This additional activity is good for our bodies, good for our hearts, and can increase our vitality.  Besides tans, this is why so many people come back from vacations looking and feeling better.

Allows For Us to Work Our Minds

Traveling to a country whose language you don’t know or figuring out how to get around an unfamiliar city uses parts of our minds that we don’t get to use every day.  It’s like constant problem solving and can ensure that we stay whip-smart.  Solving problems and working our brains like this can also battle against Alzheimer’s or dementia symptoms.

Gives You A Chance To Try New Foods

In our daily lives, most people have a set menu that they follow every day and week.  This means eating similar dishes for nearly every meal and not being too adventurous when cooking for ourselves.  Fortunately, travel solves this instantly.

Traveling abroad forces us to try foods we’re unfamiliar with and makes us broaden our tastes.  This can mean that we find new healthy dishes we enjoy that we can then take home and replicate.  This can lead to a more nutritious and more varied diet.

Can Boost Your Creativity

To travel outside of your comfort zone, you have to be creative: or you’ll learn how to be.  Traveling abroad increases the number of times you have to figure out creative answers to things in a day.  This might mean deciding which fun activity to take part in or solving how to ask a waitress for soda in their language if it’s different from your own.  

This creativity can be practiced and then brought back home so that you can use it at your job or in your daily life.  Creativity is one of the best things you can do for yourself because it ensures that you can learn to change and go with the flow instead of being rigid and sticking to your ways.

Andy Higgs
Andy Higgs

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