Interesting Places To Visit In The World When Holidaying From Manchester

For many, Manchester is one of the best places to live in the United Kingdom. When you’re in Manchester, you just need to drive for 30 minutes to escape the stress from the bustling city and bask in the countryside. Manchester is also a great city to enjoy countless food options—from fine dining to trendy fast food, and even Italian dishes.

Manchester is a great city, but this doesn’t mean that you should limit yourself to its sights and sounds. Leaving Manchester to visit other destinations in the world is an excellent stress reliever. Basking in new scenery can recharge your energy, as well as help you become more productive once you return to your daily routine.

When holidaying from Manchester, consider visiting any (or all) of the following destinations:

  1. Hong Kong

If you’re clueless about what destination to visit, consider looking at flights from Manchester to Hong Kong. This is a very convenient destination to visit as airline companies now offer direct flights going to Hong Kong thrice a week.

But aside from the convenience, are you aware that Hong Kong offers some of the best attractions in the world? Hong Kong provides variety, making it easy for travelers to find activities that perfectly suit their preferences and budget.

When visiting Hong Kong, make sure to spend some time trying out dim sum. This iconic food culture is characterized by small bites of food prepared in a bamboo steamer. Seeing shades of golden brown means the food is cooked.

Pairing any dim sum with traditional tea is one of the best ways to experience the culture of Hong Kong.

  1. Dubai

For people who are looking for the most unique travel experiences, Dubai should be on top of their bucket list. This city is a paradise for any traveler as Dubai has some of the world’s best architecture and nightlife.

Your trip to Dubai won’t be complete unless you visit or stay in the Palm Jumeirah. This architectural marvel is composed of several unique islands and still continues to be one of Dubai’s most popular tourist destinations. You can enjoy man-made beaches, 5-star hotels, and unique restaurants in the Palm Jumeirah.

To end an entire day of sightseeing, visit some of Dubai’s nightclubs and bars. With a wide variety of adult entertainment to choose from, you can guarantee that Dubai will surely meet your expectations of having an out-of-this-world nightlife experience.

  1. Orlando

Traveling with the entire family can be fun, but planning for the trip can be stressful. Aside from deciding what to visit and where to stay, traveling with the family will also require you to look after your children’s interests. You need to make sure that the itinerary you create for the trip is suitable for their age, and they are actually having fun while traveling. 

If your next out-of-town trip from Manchester includes your kids, consider visiting Orlando. This is a family-friendly destination because it houses thrilling theme parks, exciting sports activities, and high-class spas.

You can start your trip to Orlando by visiting some of its theme parks. This city is considered home to world-class theme parks such as Universal Orlando, Walt Disney World, and SeaWorld. Regardless if you and the kids like to enjoy blood-pumping rides or relax in a magical fireworks display, everyone can surely have fun in Orlando.

  1. Amsterdam

With the contemporary art scene you can enjoy in Amsterdam, this destination is a haven for creative people. With artworks from well-renowned artists from different parts of the world, impressive modern architecture designs, to art hotels, visiting Amsterdam is like a dream come true for art enthusiasts.

But Amsterdam isn’t only a destination for people who are fascinated with art. The capital city of the Netherlands also offers tasty yet affordable dishes. The Hotel Okura, for example, offers dishes with English, Continental, and Japanese influences. Staying in this hotel and ordering room service with this food variety is always a great way to start your day!

Seeing fields of tulips is also one of the reasons why tourists are coming back to Amsterdam. Tulips are actually the city’s national flowers, so expect to see countless tulips in different areas.

When you choose to visit Amsterdam during March to May, you can witness a famous flower show held annually during these months. Annual tulip displays are also available from July to September.

Small Details Count

Regardless of where you’re heading to next, always pack light and learn basic words or phrases in the native language of your destination. If you’re traveling on a shoestring budget, book your plane tickets at least three months in advance and swap luxurious accommodations for local hostels and homes rentals.

By paying attention to these details and planning as early as possible, your upcoming trip away from Manchester will be memorable and fun!

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