London’s other Christmas tree – 600,000 Lego bricks of beauty

Lego again? You are quite the fanboy, huh?

Hey, we love Lego. I mean, it’s what having kids is all about, right? I had to wait 41 years before getting to Legoland in Denmark but it was worth it. And this is truly Grown-up Lego artwork…


Wow! It looks like a real tree from a distance…

Doesn’t it just? The Bright Bricks team have done an amazing job. The company is the home of the UK’s only certified Lego professional. What a job title!

Are you sure that’s really made of Lego bricks?

Take a closer look, ye of little faith…


Looks like the Danes are (indirectly) giving the Norwegians some competition in the London Christmas tree stakes – we’ll have an article on this year’s Trafalgar Square fir soon…

All images (c) Bright Bricks


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Andy Higgs

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