Losing your inhibitions on an exotic retreat


Photo credit: Hadi Zaher via photopin cc

We work so hard most of the year that when vacation time comes around it’s no surprise we feel like letting our hair down. There are many benefits of stepping off the treadmill and taking off on vacation, not least the excitement and re-energizing that comes from new experiences, places and people. Visiting pastures new puts a spring in the step and fills us with a renewed zest for life, making it easier to cast off our inhibitions and reinvent ourselves for a while.

Is it true that the further a person travels from home, the less inhibited they become? It’s certainly fair to say that in places people go unrecognized, their behavior can change to a marked degree. Wallflower at home but wild vamp abroad is a common theme played out by young independent females – and why shouldn’t they? If they can’t push the boundaries and have fun on vacation now, when can they?

Trying new things whether it’s food, fashion, sports or places, puts us on edge, out of our comfort zone but paradoxically more open to what this fantastic planet has to offer. Why not dine out on baked snake in Tai Pei, crunch on deep fried locusts in Bangkok or chew on delicious frog legs in Bordeaux? Such foodie delicacies are deeply woven into the cultural fabric of these places and sampling them gives us a different perspective.

Likewise with fashion, on vacation a wardrobe can be different, we can dress in local styles or experiment with outfits we’d normally dismiss at home. Those aiming on hooking up and having fun with new people in far off places often pack clothing designed to entice and attract the opposite sex – a few choice pieces of lacy lingerie for the ladies and some flattering underwear for the gents is a great way of boosting confidence and making us feel more sexy and alive should we get lucky. It’s common for partygoers and revelers at nightclubs in hot climates to strip down to lingerie and underwear in the heat of the night, casting off inhibitions as they dance until dawn. Achieving this body-confident and defiantly feminine look doesn’t have to break the bank, cheap sexy lingerie that looks fabulous can be easily found online. Remember that lingerie is super-sheer and weighs next to nothing, so don’t hold back when packing the suitcase!

Whether on a sizzling singles’ sojourn or an exotic couples’ retreat, vacations give many opportunities to throw off our regular persona and embrace new and exciting behaviors. Taking risks, losing our inhibitions, reinventing ourselves – whatever label we put on it, sometimes it’s just good to take a holiday from ourselves and be somebody else for a change. And whether that is manifested by taking a bungee jump off a bridge, dancing the night away in your lingerie or tasting exotic local gastronomy, it doesn’t really matter – the whole point of vacations, after all, is having fun and living life to the full. So grab a suitcase, start packing and embrace the holiday spirit – no holding back now…