News: Zombies set to invade London for the weekend

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Hmm, zombies are very ‘in’ at the moment

After the vampire mania fuelled by ‘True Blood’ and ‘Twilight’ zombies seem to be the next big thing.  Though hardly as visually appealing as Sookie and Bill (although possibly more so than that weirdo from Twilight), zombies have a certain appeal and we all love Shaun of the Dead and playing Resident Evil, right? So what could be better than taking part in an interactive zombie movie/game mash-up playing out on the streets of London the weekend before Halloween?

Wait, you mean…?

Yes, from October 27-29 London becomes the backdrop for a real-life survival horror game. 2.8 Hours Later (get the reference?) serves up thrills and fund with players searching for secret safe areas on their way to Resistance HQ.

Sounds a bit easy…

Then you’re forgetting the zombies! They’ll come after you with the single aim of transforming you into one of their ghastly breed. And they’re not the shuffling, slow moving type either.

Blimey, how cool is that?

Quite. The game starts as the sun sets – natch – and you’ll be served 2.8 hours (see what they did there?) of terror and nervous giggling. Make it to HQ and you can shake your cakes at the zombie disco waiting with DJ’s, a zombie shoot em up and rather welcome bar.

Being a zombie sounds kind of fun too…

You can volunteer to join the zombies if you prefer, and after a bit of training will be out there scaring the hell out of the players (who are identified by armbands) in full zombie mode. The zombies operate in packs with a leader coordinating the mayhem.

Tell me more, tell me more! has everything you need to know and this suitably unsettling promo video should get you in the mood. Enjoy!

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