Norwegian Tourist Board does it again – check out this amazing 360 degree video

Ever wondered what it must be like to do this?


Image obtained from under Creative Commons (c) Oskari Kettunen

Wondered what it must be like – kind of. Wanted to do it – not really…

Well now you can get some of the experience at least.

Without the major potential for a spectacular and messy death?

Yes, without that. I was thinking more of the visual part. You see, rather than resting on their laurels after the superb panorama shots that we discussed in a previous post, Visit is now gunning for the extreme sports market with its latest promotional video, which is a fully navigable 360 degree video of a couple of nutters throwing themselves off a (Norwegian) cliff in a “wingsuit”. Filmed at Flo near Stryn in the west of the country, it’s mind-blowing stuff.

Blimey. That really is bonkers…

While it may not appeal to the average potential tourist boy is it fun to watch. And it’s close enough to the actual thing that you don’t need to do it for real, assuming you’d ever contemplate something like this…

Not really my bag, but maybe that’s just me?

For those with more regular interests in Norway, we recommend you check out an older article about the considerably more serene chocolate bar advert that puts most of the Norwegian outdoor experience into one minute and two seconds of video. With winter on the way there’s the tantalising prospect of skiing here too – whether you prefer downhill or cross-country. And if that’s too much then make sure you check out the various Grown-up Travel Guide Daily Photos of this appealing country by clicking on the category to the right, you should be able to find plenty that suit your more low-adrenaline interests…


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  1. Lovely bit of technology and trickery! Also some very cheeky advertising in the middle too, I wonder if that paid for the video… 🙂

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