Pack to Basics: 5 Tips for Travelling with Your Vape Gear

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Tip 1: Bring Spare Batteries but Pack Them Safely

If you’re heading off on a long journey you’ll want to keep a few additional batteries handy as you never know when you’ll find your next charge (if you’re travelling by air, remember it’s prohibited to charge an e-cigarette on board a plane). However, you need to remember that these batteries are extremely conductive. When coming into contact with metallic objects, short circuits can occur resulting in a huge flow of electrical current that generates large amounts of heat and can even result in explosions and fire. The simplest way to avoid this is to cover your batteries terminals with electrical tape, but there are also plenty of battery storage solutions to choose from at most vape stores.

Tip 2: Disconnect All Batteries, Especially in Unregulated Mods

Regulated or ‘electronic’ e-cigarettes usually come with a safety lock which prevents the device from being accidentally activated. Mechanical mods (also known as ‘unregulated mods ’) don’t come with this feature, so if packed carelessly, the button could easily become pushed down by a heavy item inside your luggage. This is a sure-fire way of causing a battery fire, so it’s best that you pull your batteries out before travelling and remember to use the button locking mechanism should your device feature one.

Tip 3: Avoid a Sticky Situation and Secure Your Juice

Precautions are necessary when travelling with any kind of liquid and e-juice is no different. While it’s unlikely to cause you or a fellow passenger any harm if it comes in contact with your skin, you’ll still be left with a nasty mess to clean up.

Unfortunately, many e-liquid manufacturers are still pinching pennies and using cheap and flimsy bottles to ship their juice in. Before your trip, head down to your local supplier and ask for some empty bottles which are usually sold in packs of three to six. Those few dollars spent now will more than compensate for an unexpected laundry bill somewhere down the line.

Tip 4: Check Local Vaping Regs

Some countries (Singapore, Seychelles, and Brazil, for example) have a total ban on e-cigarettes and those breaking these laws, with those flouting these laws being subject to fines or even prison sentences. Other countries (like Finland) do not permit the sale of e-cigarettes, yet do allow them to be imported for private use. Even within the USA, the rules on vaping can differ drastically from state to state.

Before you set out, do some research on your destination so you know what you should and shouldn’t pack. While you’re at it, check local customs and etiquette around public smoking and vaping.

Tip 5: Know the Rules of Your Chosen Mode of Transport 

Nowadays, every airline carrier, bus company, and train line will have its own website that covers specific rules and regulations. Just as regulations differ from country to country and state to state, you’ll find that each company has its own way of doing things.

For example, most airlines now require that you pack your e-cigarettes in your carry-on baggage in order to avoid fires and explosions in the hold that can’t easily be dealt with.  As far as actually using e-cigarettes goes, most travel service providers have banned vaping in their vehicles and have restricted use in outside public zones like airports and platforms.

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