Shopping on a budget?


Photo credit: Werner Kunz via photopin cc

Retail therapy – it really is something that lifts the mood and puts the credit card on a downer, don’t you find? I love shopping, and I love duty free shopping even more!

Whenever I go away, I always put myself a little aside for the glittering halls after security. Despite that, I do seem to have a problem with moderation! The key? Budget!

Save wherever you can pre-holiday, and you’ll have more to spend when you’re there – that’s my motto. A good way to do this is to avoid costly taxis, trains and coaches, and instead drive yourself to the airport and book your parking spot through ParkBCP. I do this regularly, and I really can’t rate it highly enough for cost and stress-free travel.

You’ll find this service available to all, so if you’re flying more regionally, north of the border, from a large airport, or from the capital, you’re covered. I regularly use Edinburgh Airport parking, and find the convenience second to none. Try it for yourself!

I guess the thing to remember is that yes, you’ve saved a little, but it does have to last you for the duration of your time away, and spending all your hard earned cash in duty free, before you’ve even left the country, isn’t going to help matters when you’re coming towards the end of your holiday, and money is starting to be a little tight!


Photo credit: x-ray delta one via photopin cc

Like I mentioned before, just set aside a shopping budget if you can, so you don’t eat into any of your money for food and drinks etc. When you’re shopping in resort too, if you head to the markets, try and do a little haggling, as this will mean a shopping hit at a cut-price cost, and you can usually find small souvenirs that are a little unusual here too. Do remember that whatever you buy, you have to bring it home, and if your suitcase is over when you check in to come home, you’ll be subject to costly excess luggage charges, and nobody wants that!

I was over weight coming home from Turkey once, and the excess luggage charge nearly made me cry. I was haggling to get the price down, which isn’t something you expect!

Another thing to remember with shopping overseas is never to buy anything that looks like it is derived from animals or nature. There are strict customs rules involved in this, and by buying them, you could be funding an industry that is illegal and inhumane. Just be aware.

So, in summary, remember the key word – budget!