Snow on the first of June…no better incentive for a last minute holiday

Having recently posted about the melting of the last snows of winter and the onset of summer here in Trondheim, Norway, it came as quite a shock to wake up this morning to this:

20120601 063830

That’s the first time I’ve seen snow on the first of June; and it didn’t stop there. This was the view from my office window an hour or so later:

In a desperate attempt to turn a negative into a positive, I have to say that there is perhaps no greater incentive to booking a last minute holiday that a snowfall during the sixth month of the year. When I was younger I always dreamed of just turning up at the airport (Gatwick, in those days) and booking a flight or a holiday on the spot; there were travel agent counters there back then – not sure if there still are but stay with me on this. Nowadays the internet makes this process a lot easier and with a few clicks you can be dreaming of warmer climes and with a few more and a credit card you can actually make that dream a reality.

Naturally you need a flexible job or a flexible boss to just hop on a plane but this is an opportunity that more and more of us can actually take advantage of. One of the benefits of modern working is less adherence to regular, fixed hours at the office and the potential to work remotely.

A few years back I actually did use my laptop by the pool in Crete to do some work using the hotel Wi-Fi connection and I had no real complaints about my office environment. It’s not a real holiday if you have to be online the whole time but it certainly beats watching the snow accumulate in the garden.

By way of an update, the sun is out and the snow has melted, so let’s hope that’s the last we’ll see before winter. I’d still rather be on a plane to somewhere hot though – let me just open a new window here…