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Spot the difference: Photos show how Berlin has changed since 1990

Berlin 1990 Checkpoint Charlie DDR side (640x428)

What a difference 22 years makes… I had the pleasure of living and working in Berlin from 1990-92 and have been back many times since. I was rummaging around in my box of old (printed) photos from those days and took a few of them with me when I was in the German capital a few […]

6 of the best…places to eat in City West, Berlin


So the time has finally come. Today I’m going to give you access to my own personal hotlist of places to have a great meal in the City West area of Berlin. That’s around the Kurfurstendamm in former West Berlin, to those of us of a certain age. You know I’ve been trying to get […]

The German Wurst Adventure: Part One – Berlin

Currywurst museum 1

This article is part of the series “The German Wurst Adventure” “Teaser” with original itinerary The German Wurst Adventure: Part One – Berlin The German Wurst Adventure: Part Two – Weimar The German Wurst Adventure: Part Three – Erfurt The German Wurst Adventure: Part Four – Nuremberg The German Wurst Adventure: Part Five – Coburg The German Wurst Adventure: Part Six […]

Hotel Review – art’otel berlin city center west, Germany


You could be forgiven for feeling a sense of deja-vu right now; didn’t I already review this place? But no, I’m not having a senior moment here – it was in fact the art’otel berlin kudamm that was given the once-over back in May. This is a newer art’otel property within walking distance of its sister hotel […]