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Grown-up Travel Guide Daily Photo: Trafalgar Square statue with designer hat, London, England

Trafalgar Square statue with designer hat, London

I’m not quite sure what the good General would think of having to sport this rather fetching couture hat, but it’s all in a good cause I suppose. Hatwalk is one of several projects designed to encourage Londoners and visitors to “look at and experience the city in different ways”. I reckon it’s working

Yet more LEGO Lunacy! The Olympic Park, of course…

(c) Warren Elsmore via Flickr

Image obtained from Flickr.com under Creative Commons¬†(c) Warren Elsmore It can’t have escaped your notice that the 2012 Olympics is taking place in good old London. So what better time to let you know about the latest massive LEGO project we’ve discovered? So true. We LOVE grown men spending an eternity building enormous creations from […]